«Blood cells» organization was founded in 2012 by Arman Hovhannisyan and Araqsya Grigoryan  couple as diagnostic laboratories and specialized medical cabinets. Newly built centers with modern high quality equipment and specialists operate in Yerevan, Rubinyants 2/5 and Artik, Tufagortsner 18/3. All the laboratory tests in «Blood cells» are carried out by automated equipment manufactured by world leading companies (Roche, Sismex, Orphee, Biosystems). The services are provided by skilled, highly qualified professionals. The laboratory work is managed by doctor-laborant, lecturer at Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics department of YSMU Araqsya Grigoryan. Due to special working mechanisms and software, laboratory tests are performed in the shortest time and with high accuracy, the results are provided within a short period of time. The center also has gynecological, dermatovenerological, cardiological, endocrinology, ultrasound diagnostic cabinets. Numerous instrumental examinations, as well as outpatient medical services, interventions are carried out in our center. Quality management in «Blood cells» diagnostic medical centers is of primary importance, so an individual approach is provided to each visitor. Due to laboratory service our center actively collaborates with other medical centers.  

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