Ginekological room at “Blood Cells” MDC

1.Examination and consultation

2.Gynecological ultrasound examination


4. Clinical staging of female malignant diseases by ultrasound examination

5. Fetus first trimester screening

6. Fetal organogenesis

7. Fetal and maternal  vessels doppler examination

8. Woman Fallopian wombs testing by hydrosalpingography

9. Uterine cavity formations and anomalies diagnosis by hydrosonography

10. Sexual transmitted infections treatment at a couple

11. Non-specific inflammatory diseases treatment

12. Intrauterinal spiral insertion

13. Drug containing spiral insertion

14. Remove of intrauterine spiral

15. Diagnosis of background and precancerous diseases of external genital organs

16. Diagnosis and treatment of background and precancerous diseases of cervix

17. Colposcopy

18. Uterus cavities aspiration biopsy

19. Cervix appoint biopsy

20. Infertility treatment

21. Treatment of hormonal diseases ( hair loss, irregular menstrual  cycle, climacteric syndrome and many other pathologies)

22. Conservative (medicinal) treatment of mioma

23. Conservative (medicinal) treatment of endometriosis

24. Treatment of breast neoplasm diseases

Screening tests
Microbiological examination
Clinical examination
Citological examination
microscopic examination
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