"Blood Cells" is a network of high-quality multidisciplinary laboratories.

The organization was founded in 2012 by spouses Arman Hovhannisyan and Araksia Grigoryan as diagnostic laboratories and separate specialized medical offices. In the laboratories of Blood Cells, numerous laboratory studies are carried out using modern methods and automatic equipment produced by the world's leading companies in this field. Services are provided by qualified specialists with high professional qualifications. The work of the laboratories is led by Araksia Grigoryan, a laboratory assistant, a teacher at the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of Yerevan State University. Thanks to the implemented special working mechanisms and software, laboratory tests of any volume are carried out in a short time and with high accuracy, the results are provided in the shortest possible time. The organization provides a full range of laboratory diagnostic services 24/7 at the Wigmore Women's and Children's Hospital, the Maternal and Child Health Research Center, the Wigmore Clinic, and the Modern Surgery Clinic. We also provide laboratory services on a contract basis for many other medical organizations. “Blood Cells” is a dynamically developing organization and, in a short period of its activity, has managed to expand the geography of service provision and has managed to win the trust of many visitors and partner organizations. The Blood Cells Diagnostic Medical Center is the base of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of Yerevan State University. The center organizes and conducts professional courses and practical seminars.

Blood Cells has the following laboratory structure:

  • Clinical laboratory
  • Biochemical laboratory
  • Immunological laboratory
  • Serological laboratory
  • Cytological laboratory
  • Microbiological laboratory
  • Genetic laboratory

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